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Announcing the launch of a unique business!

December 31, 2008


• Synergistic Preservations creates unique, original and archival artwork through an energetic, exciting collaborative process between the artist and the client. This process makes you the client central to the outcome, so that the final piece reflects your aspirations and visual interests. Each custom piece is an archival, original work of art.

• Synergistic Preservations works with interior designers, architects, curators and independent art buyers, creating original fine art with a range of custom media for all environments. Working one on one with me, the Artist, allows you to obtain the exact visuals that you want on your walls , and to invest in Fine Art that increases in value over time. Created with archival materials, these one of a kind pieces make for a quality investment.

• Your original piece will always be a unique creation: in this cutting-edge process, I integrate several media with the Digital Print using all archival materials so your piece can never be reproduced.

• I am a veteran Digital Fine Artist, having approached digtal media as fine art since 1980. In addition to my many years as a Digital Fine Artist, I have also worked in production for many years.

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