Weaving Digitally and literally

I am beginning to print a series onto Monet Archival Canvas – I am really  falling in love with this Canvas. The texture really feels archival and it’s smooth and prints beautifully, With the fast drying ink and canvas, you are able to starting weaving right away and the images stay in tact.

For this series, I became interested in the comings and going of people and of the concept of what made up “home”. What do we surround ourselves with in order to call a place home? These images were shot in the same campground over the course of several years.

To me, the concept of weaving was very synonomous with the idea of making a home. I chose to create weavings of people creating “home” in the same sites over the course of 5 years to date (the story keeps unfolding).  Motion is played out in filmic sequences and the close-up allow us to stop and look more intimately. I became interested in breaking the structure of the still image. Stay posted for more ….


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