It’s been a busy summer of exhibiting~

The summer started with a big show at the fabulous ANKA Gallery where I had 17 big pieces in the front room of the gallery. I got to premiere the “FAMILY PORTRAITZ” series and that was exciting.

The pieces are approx. 30″ x 40″ framed and consist of Arches 88 Water color paper coated with molding paste, irridescent arcylic and rabbit skin glue and they Giclee printed and UV varnish and attached to a brushed aluminum surface.

As always, I try my best to make sure all archival materials are in contact with the images and this series was a great challenge using these materials.




I currently have 2 other shows up at the 3D Center for Art and Photography. The only Museum in the US dedicated to Stereographic Imagery.

The pieces I have in this show are large 8″ x 8″ Stereo Pairs that you view with a large hand held stereo viewer to see the pairs in 3D (see pics).

I also have a Lenticular Light Box which I built.




If you look at the line in the center of the following image, just wait for the two images to converge. You will see a 3rd image. Stay focused on that. The image will appear in 3D….and yes that’s without glasses.


Vist the show at:

Another show my work is in right now is at the ONDA Gallery on Alberta Street in Portland. The theme of this show was Cowboy. My work  consists of photos of Cowboys which have been Digitally enhanced and printed onto Fabrics. I used both a Cotton Poplin and a Denim/ Both Fabrics common to the Cowboy culture. I then integrated oil pastels into the prints and stretched them as canvases over beech plywood.

Of course, we all dressed up in Cowboy attire.




I just got into another show with pieces I created with the awesome artist Lyn Bishop

These pieces were to depict a Journey of the Soul.

They are Digital photos that we took as self portraits and printed onto silk as well as film which we then transfered to water color paper. We attached these images onto a prepared wooden surface. Also integrated into the pieces are hinges, horse shoes and leaf viens.

Here are the pieces in progess. The show runs in October through December 2009 at the

Siren Nation Arts Festival – Olympic Mills Commerce Center

Check back for details on that show.



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