Working with images of African Animals for Dave Gallison Consulting

October 9, 2013


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Dave visited Africa with his family and photographed many things – among them some beautiful animals. We are filling his office with memories from this trip. His photographic aesthetic is obvious in the many wonderful shots. Dave is a Career Counselor (LPC) a photographer and an all around nice guy..

Check him out at



Weaving Digitally and literally

February 21, 2011

I am beginning to print a series onto Monet Archival Canvas – I am really  falling in love with this Canvas. The texture really feels archival and it’s smooth and prints beautifully, With the fast drying ink and canvas, you are able to starting weaving right away and the images stay in tact.

For this series, I became interested in the comings and going of people and of the concept of what made up “home”. What do we surround ourselves with in order to call a place home? These images were shot in the same campground over the course of several years.

To me, the concept of weaving was very synonomous with the idea of making a home. I chose to create weavings of people creating “home” in the same sites over the course of 5 years to date (the story keeps unfolding).  Motion is played out in filmic sequences and the close-up allow us to stop and look more intimately. I became interested in breaking the structure of the still image. Stay posted for more ….

2nd set of Archival prints for NYC adjency Chief Media

February 21, 2011

I completed my second sets of prints for Chief Media NYC’s office last spring and saw an interesting correlation between  direct response advertising in the 1960’s, 1970’s and now (the work that Chief Media does). You can really see the times in the prints I’ve restored from the 60’s vs the 70’s vs now.

These prints were printed onto Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper which has a beautiful suede like texture.

Large prints onto Metal for Welding company in Pittsburgh

February 21, 2011

Selectrode Industries a high end metal welding company had a large sq. ft. building in Pittsburgh that needed art. I loved the idea of printing directly onto metal to match the materials that they work in. Using images of welders I choose bright colors and lots of sparks. I treated the imagery very painterly to bring out the reflectivity of the brushed metal.

I am currently working on some “MADE IN THE USA” prints to go with these on other materials – possibly Veneer. Check back for how those come out :O)

Giant Jellyfish on Monet Archival Canvas

February 21, 2011

I created this large Jellyfish print for my parents who built a new home in Naples Florida. My my is an interior designer and I find it a nice challenge to try and create something for her homes.

She wanted something to do with the sea. I had ideas of Seahorses and Jellyfish. We decided on the Jellyfish idea together. I Digitally enhanced and integrated painterly effects to the photo I shot of a Jellyfish and then printed the large image (4′ x 5′) on my Epson 9800.

I think then used a lot of Pastel to bring out the shading and depth of the piece and to add original hand details making the piece unique.

Here it is hanging on the wall:

We are working on another one for the house. Check back and see what we make.

Collaborting with kids art and making 1 of a kind pieces

February 21, 2011

Lately, I’ve been taking a closer look at kids drawings. I am inspired by the way they envision and transpose things. I have made several pieces starting with a sketch that a child has drawn and collaboratively work to create a large color print onto Monet Archival Canvas. People love to have their child’s work captured and presented in all it’s uniqueness in bold color onto Archival materials and hanging in their home.

Contact me anytime for a quote on size to create one for you !

It’s been a busy summer of exhibiting~

September 16, 2009

The summer started with a big show at the fabulous ANKA Gallery where I had 17 big pieces in the front room of the gallery. I got to premiere the “FAMILY PORTRAITZ” series and that was exciting.

The pieces are approx. 30″ x 40″ framed and consist of Arches 88 Water color paper coated with molding paste, irridescent arcylic and rabbit skin glue and they Giclee printed and UV varnish and attached to a brushed aluminum surface.

As always, I try my best to make sure all archival materials are in contact with the images and this series was a great challenge using these materials.




I currently have 2 other shows up at the 3D Center for Art and Photography. The only Museum in the US dedicated to Stereographic Imagery.

The pieces I have in this show are large 8″ x 8″ Stereo Pairs that you view with a large hand held stereo viewer to see the pairs in 3D (see pics).

I also have a Lenticular Light Box which I built.




If you look at the line in the center of the following image, just wait for the two images to converge. You will see a 3rd image. Stay focused on that. The image will appear in 3D….and yes that’s without glasses.


Vist the show at:

Another show my work is in right now is at the ONDA Gallery on Alberta Street in Portland. The theme of this show was Cowboy. My work  consists of photos of Cowboys which have been Digitally enhanced and printed onto Fabrics. I used both a Cotton Poplin and a Denim/ Both Fabrics common to the Cowboy culture. I then integrated oil pastels into the prints and stretched them as canvases over beech plywood.

Of course, we all dressed up in Cowboy attire.




I just got into another show with pieces I created with the awesome artist Lyn Bishop

These pieces were to depict a Journey of the Soul.

They are Digital photos that we took as self portraits and printed onto silk as well as film which we then transfered to water color paper. We attached these images onto a prepared wooden surface. Also integrated into the pieces are hinges, horse shoes and leaf viens.

Here are the pieces in progess. The show runs in October through December 2009 at the

Siren Nation Arts Festival – Olympic Mills Commerce Center

Check back for details on that show.


Happy clients and more collaborative work in the near future!

September 16, 2009

I am excited to share that the commissioned work with Chief Media was a joy and a success. We started by obtaining the Benjamin Moore wall colors and I matched colors in the prints to the wall colors to help make things pop.

The prints really compliment the work that they do. Check them out at

Art Media was also a pleasure to work with here. Mel & Sarah did a great job framing and giving advice on how to frame these large archival prints for a modern NYC office. They packaged them safely and they arrived in perfect condition ready to hang in their NYC office.

I’m excited for the 2nd round of images we will create together!

Here are some kind words from my client at Chief Media.



Dear Nance,

I wanted to take a moment to send you this note of thanks for all your creativity and hard work in bringing the vision

for our corporate office art project to life. Selecting pieces and colors that speak of our Direct Response Advertising Agency’s

past and present, as well as the industry as a whole, was right on the mark. Your ability to coordinate backgrounds,  frames

and mattes as well as color variations within pieces all lend to the excellent look and feel of our space and are deserved of the

positive comments we receive from customers and visitors.

Thank you again and I’m looking forward to working together in the near future as we complete our current

office expansion.



John F. McTigue, CFO
Chief Media, LLC
875 Sixth Avenue
Suite 1100
New York, NY 10001
P: 212.300.8975
F: 212.629.9887
M: 973.670.2399

1950s Ads Revived in New Manhattan Space

June 10, 2009

I was commissioned by Chief Media NYC to take a set of Ads originally from the 1950s and restore them & hand tint them. After this process, they were to be printed onto large sheets (varying from almost 4 feet wide x 3 feet long and smaller) of UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper using the Ultrachrome  matte black Archival Pigment Inkset.

They were framed archivally & beautifully by Art Media in Portland Oregon and shipped to NYC to hang on their new office walls.

Announcing the launch of a unique business!

December 31, 2008


• Synergistic Preservations creates unique, original and archival artwork through an energetic, exciting collaborative process between the artist and the client. This process makes you the client central to the outcome, so that the final piece reflects your aspirations and visual interests. Each custom piece is an archival, original work of art.

• Synergistic Preservations works with interior designers, architects, curators and independent art buyers, creating original fine art with a range of custom media for all environments. Working one on one with me, the Artist, allows you to obtain the exact visuals that you want on your walls , and to invest in Fine Art that increases in value over time. Created with archival materials, these one of a kind pieces make for a quality investment.

• Your original piece will always be a unique creation: in this cutting-edge process, I integrate several media with the Digital Print using all archival materials so your piece can never be reproduced.

• I am a veteran Digital Fine Artist, having approached digtal media as fine art since 1980. In addition to my many years as a Digital Fine Artist, I have also worked in production for many years.

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